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Friends of Lund University Academic Orchestra


The Friends of Lund University Academic Orchestra (Akademiska kapellets vänner, AKV) can be described as a support society for the active Lund University Academic Orchestra, but also offers its members opportunities to socialise through music in various ways. The society was formed in 1999. Its popularity is reflected in its growth – it now has over 200 members. Most of them have studied in Lund at one time and played in the Lund University Academic Orchestra, but the society is open for all those who are interested.


The society has just over 200 members, but there is room for more! If you are in Sweden, you can become a member by paying in SEK 200 to PG 425109-6. Clearly state your name, address and email address. Please also state the musical instrument you play, and, if you have played in the Lund University Academic Orchestra, when you were a member.

Musical salons

The society’s salons bring together members and active orchestra members for informal concerts and socialising. Everyone is welcome! Sundays 15.00-17.00 at Kapellsalen, Palaestra et Odeum.


Since it was formed, the Friends of Lund University Academic Orchestra has annually granted two scholarships to deserving members of the Lund University Academic Orchestra.

2000: Ann Pettersson och Finn Lindgren

2001: Brita Jensen och Johanna Stensman

2002: Tobias Lund och Emil Goode

2003: Rosalba Maldonado och Linus Åkesson

2004: Eva Danielsson och Jonas Fjertorp

2005: Alexandra Hjortswang och Nils Rosengren

2006: Mattias Nickel och Susanna Oliver

2007: Selma Oliver och Eric Wahlsteen

2008: Märtha Sjögren och Wietske Lambert

2009: Sofia Hedström och Marcus Persson

2010: Alexander Mossberg och Hanna Fjertorp

2011: Emma Bernvill och Joakim Stenhammar

2012: Sven Gestegård Robertz och Olof Sandgren

2013: Anna Lindholm och Rikard Lindahl

2014: Lotta Oskarsson och Johan Nilsson

2015: Anna Landegren och Hampus Linse

2016: Hjalmar Risinger och Malin Joelsson

2017: Emina Hrustic och Gustav Halling

2019: Josef Fjellander och Isak Laghem


For more information, pleas contact ourr board via this email:
akademiskakapelletsvanner [at] gmail [dot] com

The board:
Mårten Belin, ordförande
Lennart Olbjer, sekreterare
Niklas Loman, kassör
Björn Forssell, ledamot
Henrik Wenander, ledamot
Annika Wenemark, ledamot
Anna-Karin Wihlborg, ledamot
Simon Winter, ledamot


Welcome to AKV!

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