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Access to Odeum’s facilities using the LU card


Participants in Odeum’s activities and University courses can get access to Odeum using their LU card. All those registered in Lucat (i.e. all students and employees at Lund University) can get an LU card.
Read more at Those who are not registered in Lucat can be entered in the catalogue under Odeum. Hold the card in front of the reader and then enter your 4-digit PIN code.


People and ensembles using the premises are responsible for setting up their activities and leaving the premises in the same state as they found them (including kitchen and break room).
When the premises are not being used, the windows and doors must be closed and locked, and the blinds must be down.

Music stands and chairs must be stored on trolleys when not in use. There are to be 10 music stands and 15 chairs respectively on each trolley. Do not block windows and doors with the trolleys.
The grand piano in Kapellsalen is intended for use by Odeum’s staff, for concerts, and by qualified piano students. When the grand piano is not being used, it is to be locked and covered, and positioned on the short side of the hall in front of the bust of Brahms.

The outer door of Palaestra is locked after 17.00 on weekdays and all day at weekends. It is not permitted to prop the door open in these periods when it is locked.
People and ensembles using the kitchen are responsible for cleaning and washing up. You are welcome to use the dishwasher (read operating instructions).
Food that is kept in the kitchen is to be marked with the name of the person or ensemble, and be stored in plastic bags or containers. There is a risk that unmarked food and drink will be consumed or thrown away.

Kapellsalen can be booked for music practice. Send a booking request in good time via email to Odeum’s producer and await confirmation. It is only possible to book the hall for periods beginning and ending on the hour. Remember to allow time in your booking for preparation and putting equipment back afterwards. The rest of the rooms are not intended for music practice and are not bookable. There are music practice rooms for students at the LIMUS music school in Lund.
Private parties and other such events are not permitted on the premises. It is permitted to arrange internal get-togethers in connection with rehearsals and concerts. Kapellsalen can be booked for this via the producer.


Opinions and suggestions, booking requests for premises, error reports, incident reports etc. should be emailed to Odeum’s stage manager: David [dot] Riebe [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se.

Lund University’s premises are guarded by Securitas.
Guards can be called around the clock on + 46 (0)46-222 07 00.
Call 020-510090 in the event of emergencies that entail a danger to life or property (water leaks, roof avalanches etc.).

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