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Join the Lund Academic Choir

About the choir

With its 50 singers The Lund Academic Choir is Odeum's large choir and is led by director cantorum Cecilia Martin-Löf. The choir, which was formed as a women's choir in 1927, has been a part of Odeum since 2007 and gives about ten concerts annually, both within the Odeum event series and in other contexts outside the University. The choir also regularly participates in the University's academic ceremonies such as professorial installments and doctoral promotions and also occasionally makes longer or shorter tours. The repertoire is varied, but the emphasis is on classical music for a cappella choir.

The choir rehearses on Mondays at 18.30-21.30 and a few weekends during the semester.


At the beginning of each semester you have the opportunity to apply to join the Lund Academic Choir. You should have a good experience of singing in choir. Prepare a song to sing, with or without accompaniment. If you want accompaniment, don't forget to bring sheet music in the right key. You will also get a short a-vista test on site, as well as doing vocal range exercises.

Please include a brief description of your musical background and experience of choral singing in the application below.

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