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Join the Lund University Academic Orchestra

About the orchestra

The Lund University Academic Orchestra is Lund students’ own symphony orchestra and is led by the University’s Director of Music, Patrik Andersson. The orchestra has about 70 members, mostly students at Lund University. The orchestra plays at University ceremonies and also plays two concerts per semester. The orchestra tours regularly and visits other universities in Sweden and abroad. Members of Lund University Academic Orchestra also have an opportunity to apply for Odeum’s scholarships and to perform as soloists with the orchestra. At the start of each semester, you have the chance to apply to join the Lund University Academic Orchestra.


Auditions for the orchestra take place at the start of each semester. Those seeking to join should be familiar with playing orchestral music. Prepare a short piece to play (without accompaniment). On the day, you will also take a short sight-reading test. Include a brief outline of your musical background and experience of orchestral playing in your application.
The orchestra rehearses on Wednesdays 19.00-21.30. Auditions are usually held in connection with orchestra

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