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Sounds of Lund University

Odeum │ Malmö Academy of Music

Price: Sounds of Lund University can be ordered free of charge from Odeum
(postage is added)

Contact info [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se

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“Sounds of Lund University” contains music performed by ensembles and soloists from Odeum and the Malmö Academy of Music, which together show the University’s breadth and quality within the field of music. We present, among others, Sweden’s third-oldest orchestra, the Lund University Academic Orchestra, in its present  symphonic form as well as the symphony orchestra at the Malmö Academy of Music with its future professional musicians. The two CDs also feature choral singing from the Lund Academic Choir and the Malmö Academy of Music’s Chamber Choir plus exciting contemporary music, jazz, rock and folk music. The music that is traditionally performed at academic ceremonies, such as professorial inaugurations and doctoral degree conferment ceremonies, is also included on the CDs. 


CD 1: Odeum

1   Dimitri Shostakovich: Symphony no. 5 in D minor            
     - 4th movment
     Akademiska Kapellet, Conductor: Patrik Andersson

2-3  Maurice Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin
        - III Menuet
        - IV Rigaudon
       Akademiska Kapellet, Conductor: Patrik Andersson

4   Wilhelm Stenhammar: September
     (from Tre Körvisor)
     Lunds Akademiska Kör, Conductor: Cecilia Martin-Löf

5   Trad: Glädjens blomster
     (Arranged by H. Alfvén)
     Lunds Akademiska Kör, Conductor: Cecilia Martin-Löf

6   Sven-David Sandström: Let him kiss me
     (from Four songs of Love)
     Lunds Akademiska Kör, Conductor: Cecilia Martin-Löf

7   Benjamin Britten: Hymn of St Cecilia 
     Lunds Akademiska Kör, Conductor: Cecilia Martin-Löf

8   Trad: I denna ljuva sommartid
     (Arranged by Öhrvall/Martin-Löf)
     Lunds Akademiska Kör, Conductor: Cecilia Martin-Löf

Ceremonila music for academic festivities

9   Aaron Copland: Fanfar for common man
     Brass ensemble from Akademiska Kapellet
     Conductor: Patrik Andersson

10  Tyleman Susato: La Mourisque
      Brass ensemble from Akademiska Kapellet
      Conductor: Patrik Andersson

11  Tyleman Susato: Pavane batilie
      Brass ensemble from Akademiska Kapellet
      Conductor: Patrik Andersson

12  Thomas Morley: My bonney lass
       Brass ensemble from Akademiska Kapellet
       Conductor: Patrik Andersson

13  Patrik Andersson: Musik vid akademisk högtid nr 1
       Brass ensemble from Akademiska Kapellet
       Conductor: Patrik Andersson

CD 2: Music Academy of Malmö

1   Johannes Brahms: Academic Festival Overture
     Musikhögskolans synfoniorkester, Conductor Charles Hazelwood

2   Martina Tomner: Herbsttag
     Ensemble for New Music (ENM), Conductor: Anna Rombach
     Tenor solo: Martin Hultkvist

3   Astor Piazzolla: from Histoire du Tango
     (Arranged by: Joakim Agnas)
     Solo trumpet: Håkan Hardenberger,
     Trumpet: Alés Klancar & Per Fastrup
     Horn: Ingebjørg Sofie Larsen 
     Trombone: Jonas Karlsson
     Tuba: Pernilla Nilsson

4   Hans gefors: En flammande brunn
     Piano: Julia Sigova

5   Naji Hakim: Set me as a seal upon your heart
     Commissioned by malmö Academy of Music
     Musikhögskolans kammarkör, Cunductor: Mats Paulsson

6   Trad: Om ett hundrade år
     (gästabudsvisa from Skåne, Arranged by Staffan Lindberg)
     Musikhögskolans kammarkör, Cunductor: Mats Paulsson

7   David Wikander: Kung Liljekonvalje
     Musikhögskolans kammarkör, Cunductor: Mats Paulsson

8   Sven-Erik Lundeqvist: Cubic
     Piano: Sven-Erik Lundeqvist
     Bass: David Andersson, Drums: Olle Dernevik

9   Per-Oscar Nilsson: Refectorium
     El. guitar: Per-oscar Nilsson
     Trumpet: Rickard Slotte, Bass: Johnny Åman
     Drums: Andreas Baw

10  Trad: Gole gandom
      Vocals and Santoor: Reza Shayesteh
      Tombak: Dan Svensson

11  Trad Skåne: Förtrollade barnet by Johan Jacob Bruun/ 
      March by Johan Ankarloo
      (Arranged by: Jidder)
      Transverse flute: Markus Tullberg, Violin Maria Bojlund
      Bouzouki: Gabriel Hermansson; Percussion: Tina Quartey

12 Trad: Razors in the air
      Tall dark strangers:
      Vocals and guitar: Jonas Jirhamn, Vocals: Brita Björs
      Vocals and Bass: Max Tellving

13  Cecilia Salazar: I'm sitting, I'm waiting and it's too late
      Vocals and piano: Cecilia Salazar
     Bass: Markus Nilsson, Guitar: Danile Branting

14  Joakim Mellberg: You don't see me
      Vocals and el. guitar: Joakim Mellberg
      Vocals, el. guitar and ac. guitar: Johan Pihleke
      El. Bass: Per Svensson, Drums: Markus Nilsson
     Vocals, el. organ and el. piano: Cecilia Salazar

15  Blackmore, Gillian, Glover, Lord, Paice: Black Night
      Vocals: David Fremberg, Guitar: Marcus Larsson and
      Anders Hallbäck, Bass: Bobby Djordjevic
      Keyboard: Henrik Hansson, Drums: Tomas Erlandsson