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Patrik Andersson

Patrik Andersson

Patrik Andersson is the Director of Music at Lund University and Head of Department for its music centre, Odeum, as well as the Conductor and Artistic Director of the Lund University Academic Orchestra. Patrik has written several textbooks on conducting orchestras: “Orkesterdirigering. Partituranalys, gestik och
, Studentlitteratur 2013, (Orchestral conducting. Score analysis, gestics and leadership) and “Orkesterledning. Ledarskap, gruppsykologi och orkesterkultur i arbetet med orkestern”, Odeum/Lund University 2015, (Orchestral leadership. Leadership, group psychology and orchestral culture in work with an orchestra).

Patrik Andersson has studied musicology at Lund University and has a degree in composition and vocal coaching. He has also studied orchestral conducting at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. His tutors in conducting have included Michel Tabachnik, Pierre Boulez and Herbert Blomstedt.

Contact: Patrik [dot] Andersson [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se

Roger Andersson

Roger Andersson is the Conductor and Artistic Director of the Lund University Brass Band. Roger is also a music curator for the City of Lund and is responsible for the City of Lund’s symphony orchestra, Lund City Orchestra. The post also includes directing ensembles at the Lund School of Arts.

Roger has a degree in trumpet pedagogy from the Malmö Academy of Music and has trained in conducting through the Swedish Armed Forces, as well as private conducting studies under Professor Siegfried Naumann.

Roger has been the Conductor and Artistic Director of the Band of the Home Guard in Lund, and a guest conductor for the Band of the Royal Swedish Army, the Band of the Royal Swedish Navy and the Corvallis OSU Symphony Orchestra at Oregon State University.

Contact: +46 (0)705-5067233, Roger [dot] Andersson [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se

Tobias Lund

Tobias Lund

Tobias Lund arranges Odeum’s public lectures and music. He has been Editor-in-Chief of the Swedish Journal of Music Research since 2010. Together with Eino Tubin, he has written a book on the composer, Eduard Tubin (Eduard Tubin, Stockholm: Atlantis 2011). Tobias is currently involved in research on Hugo Alfvén, research he has presented in the article “Hugo Alfvén as Renaissance Composer” in the anthology “Hugo Alfvén – life and work in a new light” (ed. Gunnar Ternhag and Joakim Tillman, Möklinta: Gidlunds 2012) and which will also result in a biography published by Atlantis (preliminary issue 2015).

In 2009, Tobias gained a PhD with the thesis “Enthusiasm, Contemplation, and Romantic Longing: Reconsidering Schubert’s Sectional Songs in the Light of Historical Context” (Lund University).

In addition to research, Tobias is a music critic for the newspaper, Sydsvenskan, writes programme notes for Stockholm Concert Hall and acts as a concert presenter in various contexts.

From 2007 to 2012, Tobias was the director of the course, Chamber Music Interpretation, which was a collaboration between Odeum and the Division of Musicology. From 2009 to 2012, he was the producer of Odeum’s event series.

Tobias is a member of the research board at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. He is also an amateur cellist and a board member of the Lund branch of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Contact: +46 (0)46-121027, +46 (0)768-452027, Tobias [dot] Lund [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se

Cecilia Martin-Löf

Cecilia Martin-Löf

Since 2007, Choral Director Cecilia Martin-Löf has been Conductor and Artistic Director of Lund Academic Choir and Palaestra Vocal Ensemble, which are both connected to Odeum. Cecilia teaches choral conducting at the Malmö Academy of Music.

In 2006, she gained a diploma in choral conducting at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm where she studied under Professor Anders Eby. She also has a degree as a teacher of vocal and choral studies and has studied piano and orchestral conducting.

Cecilia strives in her work to unite her great love of literature, in particular poetry, with choral singing’s rich tones and technical precision at the highest level. Cecilia also has a great love of Swedish folk music, which has led to her studying folk songs at Malung Folk High School. In addition to music, Cecilia has also studied Latin, Italian and linguistics at Stockholm University.

Cecilia has led a large number of choirs, including the choir at Uppsala Cathedral, the Norrland students’ choir and KFUM’s chamber choir in Stockholm. From 2002 to 2007, Cecilia was Choral Director of the Gävle Symphony Choir, and from 2011 to 2012, she was Principal Conductor of the Danish National Girls’ Choir.

In addition, she has had freelance assignments including work for independent ensembles in Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Germany. Cecilia also has a clear talent for teaching and holds master classes and continuing professional development courses for conductors in Sweden and Europe.

Contact: tel. +46 (0)70-227 91 67, Cecilia [dot] Martin-Lof [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se


David Riebe

David Riebe

David Riebe, Odeum’s Stage Manager, is responsible for premises, equipment and sheet music. David is the contact person for borrowing instruments and sheet music as well as administrating music practice sessions for the University’s students. He is also responsible for provision of rehearsal premises for the centre’s own ensembles and visiting ensembles.

David was also the Project Manager for Lund Contemporary 2017, a festival of contemporary art music that Odeum arranges in collaboration with Skissernas Museum – Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art and in cooperation with several other local, regional and national actors.

David is a Lund-based composer and musicologist who studied the Master’s programme in composition at the Malmö Academy of Music under Luca Francesconi and Rolf Martinsson and, in the autumn of 2014, at the Lyon Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse under Michele Tadini and Philippe Hurel. He won second prize in the Uppsala Composition Competition in 2014 and has also won a STIM scholarship and a cultural scholarship from the City of Lund for his compositions. His work has been performed on several occasions both in Sweden and around the world.

Previously, in addition to his activities as a composer, David has been Orchestra and Event Assistant at Odeum and has also played in the Lund University Academic Orchestra for a number of years. David is also a substitute producer during spring 2020.

Office hours: Monday 10.00-16.30, Friday 11.00-15.00

Contact: tel. +46 (0)725-717619, david [dot] riebe [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se (d)avid [dot] riebe [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se



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