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Palaestra Vocal Ensemble

The Palaestra Vocal Ensemble is a project-based choir under the leadership of Choral Director, Cecilia Martin- Löf. The choir, which is made up of 8-24 singers who have trained as soloists, performs both within Odeum’s event series and in other contexts.

Palaestra Solist Ensemble

A recently newly started ensemble at Odeum is the professional ensemble Palaestra Solist Ensemble. The ensemble was born out of the Vocal Ensemble when the singer one by one has become more established professional musicians and singers. Palaestra Solist Ensemble has 4-8 members och make their own solo- and ensemble concerts as well as participating in concerts with Palaestra Vocal Ensemble. The singers have a wide musical genre variety with focus on classical music. Our way to work is characterized by openess, creativity, exciting projects and the willingness to take advantage of everybody's skills och ideas in the planning process as well as the making of concerts and other events.

Grafik: Sofia Rydberg

Join us

The Palaestra Vocal Ensemble admits new members following singing auditions.
palaestravokal [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se (p)alaestravokal [at] odeum [dot] lu [dot] se


Being a member of the Vocal Ensemble

As the Palaestra Vokal Ensemble works on a project basis, there are no weekly rehearsals. 


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