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Musik, mening och värde

Filosofiska perspektiv på en värld av eget slag
by Patrik Andersson

The book is distributed through Gidlunds Förlag together with Odeum and can be bought at regular book stores on the internet.

musik mening och värde

Odeum 10 years

A decade of music, education and concerts
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omslag bok

In 2006, a new director of music at Lund University, Partik Andersson, was appointed.  He immediately set in motion a determined effort to work for a unified organizational unit. The choir and orchestra were the mainstays, but the ensembles and new educations developed and the department Odeum was formed.

The Academic Orchestra, Lund Academic Choir, Lund University Brass Band, Palaestra Vocal Ensemble and tsome project ensembles are all ensembles organized under Odeum's roof. The traditions extend as far back as 1745 and today about 200 students are active in the ensembles.
Odeum 10 Years is the anniversary book that collects history and contemporary anecdotes from Odeum's ten years as an institution at Lund University.


Orchestral leadership – Patrik Andersson

Orchestral leadership – Leadership, group psychology and orchestral culture in work with the orchestra
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The book describes the conductor’s leadership of the orchestra from the perspectives of leadership theory and group psychology under chapter headings such as “Leadership-orientation and leadership theories”, “Groups and group dynamics in the orchestra”, “Orchestral culture”, and “The conductor and orchestra in interaction”, where the conductor’s situation-adapted leadership is in focus. The theoretical texts in the chapters are combined with everyday examples from orchestra situations in which the theoretical texts are given a realistic context. Each chapter concludes with a summary and a reflective section in which the reader alone, or in a seminar format, has the chance to consider a number of questions relating to the text.

The textbook is aimed at students of ensemble direction and orchestral conducting within music studies, church music, or students of orchestral conducting as a principle subject at undergraduate level. The book can also serve a purpose for students studying music with an interest in group psychology within the orchestra.

Patrik Andersson is Director of Music at Lund University and a lecturer in orchestral conducting at Odeum and the Malmö Academy of Music. At Odeum, Patrik Andersson has built up extensive activities concerning the teaching of orchestral conducting, including additional training courses, summer courses and the international Masters’ course, Lund International Conducting Academy (LICA.) At the Malmö Academy of Music, Patrik Andersson is Head of Subject and lectures students involved in music teacher training, as well as music and church music training. Patrik Andersson has broad experience of conducting both professional and non-professional symphony orchestras. Patrik Andersson’s previous textbook “Orchestral conducting. Score analysis, gestics and leadership” was published by Studentlitteratur.


The Joy of Music in Lundagård – 250 years of the Lund University Academic Orchestra

Ed. Greger Andersson

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Since 1745 the Lund University Academic orchestra has been the University’s own orchestra in which students make music in all possible and impossible constellations. Today, the orchestra is a full symphony orchestra, active in the music department, Odeum, and is regularly on tour and performing at other universities around the world. The directors of music who have acted as the head of the Lund University Academic Orchestra have all had varying intentions and levels of ambition. What they have in common is that they have passed on a cultural legacy while collecting treasures in the form of sheet music and instruments. This book tells the history of how these sheet music and instrument collections came into the Lund University Academic Orchestra’s ownership and how the orchestra and its directors of music have developed activities to create the living cultural legacy that exists at Lund University today.

The book, “The Joy of Music in Lundagård” edited by Professor Greger Andersson, is richly illustrated and consists of a large number of chapters written by former orchestra members as well as lecturers and researchers both within and outside Lund University.

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